Procter & Gamble


Crest toothpaste was losing market share due to increased competition and wanted to reintroduce its brand position as the dentists' choice. A robust television campaign was the answer. The first commercial is an example of the core campaign, which consisted of several commercials, each addressing a specific product benefit, such as cavity prevention or tartar control. Additional commercials introduced new products and flavors, while taking a more fun and creative approach. The television initiative helped Crest regain number one market share.


Pampers was starting to lose market share and wanted a new campaign to differentiate its products from other diapers and wipes. The resulting campaign positioned Pampers and Baby Wipes as effective, yet gentle, for babies' delicate skin. The campaign moved Pampers diapers and wipes to number one market share and won a P&G business-building award.

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Procter & Gamble - print ad
Procter & Gamble - print ad

New Product Launch

Pampers was launching new Rash Guard diapers. TV and print creative used the folklore of parents awaiting a new delivery by a stork. The result was one of the brand's most successful product launches.


The client wanted to find a way to demonstrate that DayQuil is effective at helping with cold symptoms without the drowsy side effects of other brands. The result was a television campaign, with each commercial featuring a scenario where staying alert is important.